Kerr Lake Country Club

Voted Best Golf Course In Vance County for Over 10 Years

Our KLCC Crew

Kerr Lake Country Club Staff:

Julia Langston - Assistant Manager

Betty Jones - Pro Shop Associate

Kim Davis - Pro Shop Associate 

Megan Pawelczyk - Pro Shop Associate 

Dottie Schmit - Bookkeeper

Dana Tuck - Bookkeeper

Sonny Freeman - Grounds

Oscar Hernandez - Grounds

Eddie Fields - Grounds

John Newton - Grounds


Board of Directors

KLCC Club President - Donald Sanford 

KLCC Vice President - Bev Phillips
KLCC Treasurer - Dottie Schmit
KLCC Secretary - Dottie Schmit

KLCC Grounds Chair - John Foran

KLCC Co-Chair of Grounds Chair - Keith Edmonds
KLCC Finance Committee - Dottie Schmit

KLCC Rules/Reg Chair - Bev Phillips

KLCC Tournament Chair - Donald Sanford
KLCC House Chair - Bev Phillips

KLCC Co-chair of House Committee - Donald Sanford
KLCC Pool Committee - Betty Jones
KLCC Entertainment Committee - Darrell Townsend